Rogues – The Shadowy Expert

Where has this stealthy post been hiding, Aha! That’s why I’ve had trouble finding it were talking about Rogues. (also my internet was down for a bit, sorry fellow Crows) Stealthy, dextrous and calculating, rogues are found throughout the cityscape. A fantastic choice for the budding adventurer that may find themselves in some trouble rogues hone their often-questionable skills to an edge as sharp as their daggers. Picking locks, creating disguises, using misdirection or magical tomfoolery to distract their mark, target or captor rouges always identify their exit in a situation and 99% of the time seem as though they were never there. If your struggling to picture the rogue, that’s fair, they are almost as diverse as fighters. Check out a slightly more in-depth write up and story of how some rogues take care of business.

…Off of the main street leading to the city from the Docks of Baldurs Gate is a tavern by the name of “The Leaky Boot.” Standing outside, hidden in the low sea fog, is a man spruiking the new arrivals on their way to the fabled city, a grin stretching across his face

“No Joke, these are the best margins for a win in town, I’m barely able to keep this place open!” ‘The Face’ calls out to them with a glint in his eye.

Some travelling Sailors are attracted as he motions to the sky and it rains gold and silver from his hands, disappearing as it hits the cobblestone. Coming in close now one of the three Sailors asks eagerly

“What’s the game??” The Face gives a hearty laugh, “Come in, come in, I promise you’ll find all you’re after inside”

The Face motions to the door and the sailors run in, stumbling in their haste. A spectral hand can be seen lifting the coin purse quite expertly from the tallest sailors waist as the spindly man follows his friends into “The Leaky Boot.” The Face smiles to himself as the hand drops the purse into an inconspicuous barrel by the front door with a promising thud before he dismisses the hand with a flick.

Inside we find The Hand standing behind a card table shuffling and flicking the deck between her slender fingers with ungodly speed, already placing the cards where she wants them in the deck as she counts the men walking in.

“Ready to play boys.. ” she coos with an inviting stare and the sailors quickly take their seats, two of them immediately placing bets, and the third foolishly patting his lanky body down finding nothing at his side

“..Uh, I must of left my coins on the ship” the spindly sailor stutters with a confused note in his voice, heading back outside apologetically, but his friends pay no heed.

The cards fly out from the dealer and the two place coins on the table, hands sweaty with anticipation. But hand after hand they are down against the house. The shorter of the two sailors left smacks the table in frustration.

“Let me see those damn cards!” he exclaims, The Hand slides the cards across with no hesitation. The sailor inspects the perfectly legal deck and finally stands, throwing the cards back on the table.

“I’ve got nothing left anyhow.” He sighs and waddles out of the bar.

The final sailor at the table glares at The Hand across the table as she smiles back at him, fiddling with the knife on his belt. “Something is wrong here…” he says “What’s all this funny busi-”

A blade flies out from the darkness behind the bar like a bold of lighting, lodging in his throat with wet slick and he falls to the table unable to finish his final word. The Shadow steps out of his name sake and covers the other daggers at his hip, glancing down at the body stoically.

“When his friends inevitably come back, the story is he went on to another bar and was ‘unhappy with the provided services here at our humble establishment’..” The Shadow remarks to The Hand with a smirk, looking around the barely room sized bar, taking in the musty scent of spilled beer and the salty sea. The Hand laughs, and daintily scoops up her cards. The sailor drips through the cracks in the table, soaking into the crusty sawdust on the floor of the Leaky Boot.

Above, we have an example of the three roguish archetypes that will shape the rogue you become:

  1. The Arcane Trickster
    ‘The Face’ is the arcane trickster of the troupe of rogues that run the leaky boot. He specialises by infusing his lickety speed with magic to misdirect, confuse and generally prank and trick fools and those slower than himself.
  2. The Thief
    ‘The Hand’ is the thief in this troupe. Lifting and placing cards with expert dexterity and precision, i bet you didn’t even see her lifting the coins of the short sailor as she dealt the hands to expertly isolate the final sailor . These same skills of object switching and dexterity are however also useful picking locks and lifting treasure in precarious situations.
  3. The Assassin
    “The Shadow’ is the assassin.  Hovering in the darker spaces of the small “Tavern.” The Shadow is a master of stealth and surprising attacks, often ending in the demise of his enemy. Assassins are not always morally questionable figures and are often employed by Kings and noblemen to provide surveillance scouting for an honest bit of coin.

So, will your character step out of the shadows and embrace the adventuring life.


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Fighters – The Combat Specialist

Do you plan on leading your comrades into battle, a shining blade in each hand, shield on your forearm or a menacingly swinging a great axe overhead; you should consider the fighter class. Fighters are one of the most diverse classes in 5th edition, they have an “all-rounder” understanding of weaponry, but still have a weapon of choice (don’t we all). Battle Masters, Champions, Knights and Samurai are all examples of powerful warriors that use their cunning, strength, honed technique and all round bravery to be a formidable opponent to any monster a Game Master conjures.

From a game-play point of view, Fighters do it hand to hand! Getting into the fray and letting their mind guide their weapon is what fighters are built for, though, there are some considerations for different types of fighters.  The  Players handbook for 5th edition gives 3 archetypes, or specialisations that you can choose when you get to 3rd level and we’ll give a brief breakdown here for you to consider when creating your fighter.

  1. The Champion
    The Champion is the most well trained of Warriors, they are known for their speciality and for good reason.  Champions are more likely to deal huge amounts of damage and are renown as strong agile fighters. The more experienced of the bunch have multiple styles of fighting and some of the strongest are true survivors appearing to be energised by the heat of battle
  2. The Battle Master
    Battle Masters coordinate the combat. The have learned specialised maneuvers by observing battles over a lifetime that give them advantage in battle. Identifying their enemies weaknesses Battle Masters use their superior battle techniques to disarm, distract, trip and push their enemies when they least expect it.
  3. The Eldritch Knight
    So your playing a fighter and want some flavour outside of grand weapon mastery and technical battle expertise… How about MAGIC!! The Eldritch Knight conjures their favourite weapons seemingly from thin air, they focus on study of magic as much as their martial training and often to devastating effect in battle slinging a sharp blade imbued with fire, lightning and ice.

So there is only one question.. will you take up arms?

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Dungeon Master Recruitment

CROW-CON is still looking to bolster our DM ranks for Crow-Con 2017. We have a healthy roster already but we have to prepare for every eventuality. If you are interested in DM’ing at Sydney’s first dedicated Dungeons and Dragons Convention please follow the link to register at  We are also encouraging new DMs to contact us regarding levelling-up your DM skills contact us on Facebook @crowsnestcon.