Well Met Adventurers!

In order for us to customise your experience on game day please read and carry out the following instructions.

1. Choose which path you would like to traverse on;

a) Learn to Play

b) Just Play

c) Learn to DM

2. Choose which Adventure you would like to embark on; D&D Adventure (2 hours) – For those tight on time or who arrive later, or D&D Epic (3-4 hours) – for those of you wanting to play an unique and rare way to experience D&D.

This is a special D&D Epics™ three‐hour interactive adventure, designed for four or more tables playing together. Each table must seat three to seven players with 1st‐4th level characters at Tier 1 or 5th‐10th level characters at Tier 2.

Newer Players are recommended to register with their Tier 1 character (1st to 4th level).
Seasoned Players are encouraged to register with their Tier 2 character (5th to 10th level).

Playing With Friends?

We can definitely accommodate you playing on the same table with friends and younglings, the only limitation is that we cannot have more than 6 players per table.