Luke McPhan

Hi Everyone,

My Name is Luke and I’m a relatively new initiate to the world of D&D. Not through lack of trying though, in my teen years I was a War-Gamer commanding a Tyranid army in Warhammer 40K and a Beastmen army in Fantasy. I was always interested in D&D and what it had to offer to the fantasy experience and 2 years back a friend gave me my first taste with the 5e starter box and I was hooked. Now I spend most of my time behind the Screen and have been personifying Strahd and his Barovian minions for the past 18 months for a table of 6 players, I have also been preparing some homebrew action for another group for some online play at When I find myself on the other side of the screen I play a Human warlock Great Old One Pact and love working back and forth with the DM about all of the atypical far realm flavor text wrapping our puny little human minds around the incomprehensible.

I’m an aquatic ecologist by day and that’s leaked into my DMing style, I like to engaging the players with smells, sounds, sights and interesting mannerisms of curious creatures from the surrounding environment set plenty of hooks and let them run free. I like to make the world feel like it’s living and breathing around the players. My play style leans into roll play and letting the players engage the world around them, I see that nearly every NPC is an enemy and a friend until the party engages them and can be swayed in many directions due to the encounter.

Looking forward to the epic, it looks like a heap of fun.