Aaron Michie

Hi the name is Aaron.

So about me. I started playing D&D in the original Red Box back in 1987, graduated to AD&D2E in 1989. Playing it pretty much exclusively through to 2000, when I moved to Sydney. I dropped out of the game for a while, before jumping back in about 3 years ago. I have DMed pretty much all of my time in the D&D world, running 2 AL games on a weekly basis. Most of my time prior to jumping back in has been homebrew games, but since then has been HC’s and AL modules.

I believe that as the DM, we are storytellers, providing the information to Players to make decisions and role play it as such. I believe in making a decision if a rule is unknown and then revisiting it at the end of the session to clarify. I don’t want to hold up the game to clear a rule up. I will always admit up front that I will make mistakes, and I rely on players to help out if I miss something.

My favourite campaigns of the past are Dragonlance and Spelljammer, with the Ranger or Wizard my favourite class.