Fighters – The Combat Specialist

Do you plan on leading your comrades into battle, a shining blade in each hand, shield on your forearm or a menacingly swinging a great axe overhead; you should consider the fighter class. Fighters are one of the most diverse classes in 5th edition, they have an “all-rounder” understanding of weaponry, but still have a weapon of choice (don’t we all). Battle Masters, Champions, Knights and Samurai are all examples of powerful warriors that use their cunning, strength, honed technique and all round bravery to be a formidable opponent to any monster a Game Master conjures.

From a game-play point of view, Fighters do it hand to hand! Getting into the fray and letting their mind guide their weapon is what fighters are built for, though, there are some considerations for different types of fighters.  The  Players handbook for 5th edition gives 3 archetypes, or specialisations that you can choose when you get to 3rd level and we’ll give a brief breakdown here for you to consider when creating your fighter.

  1. The Champion
    The Champion is the most well trained of Warriors, they are known for their speciality and for good reason.  Champions are more likely to deal huge amounts of damage and are renown as strong agile fighters. The more experienced of the bunch have multiple styles of fighting and some of the strongest are true survivors appearing to be energised by the heat of battle
  2. The Battle Master
    Battle Masters coordinate the combat. The have learned specialised maneuvers by observing battles over a lifetime that give them advantage in battle. Identifying their enemies weaknesses Battle Masters use their superior battle techniques to disarm, distract, trip and push their enemies when they least expect it.
  3. The Eldritch Knight
    So your playing a fighter and want some flavour outside of grand weapon mastery and technical battle expertise… How about MAGIC!! The Eldritch Knight conjures their favourite weapons seemingly from thin air, they focus on study of magic as much as their martial training and often to devastating effect in battle slinging a sharp blade imbued with fire, lightning and ice.

So there is only one question.. will you take up arms?

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